WA Labor’s plan to build a film studio next to ships docking at Fremantle Port’s Victoria Quay has been revealed by the Government’s own infrastructure agency as to be more like Apocalypse Now than from A Beautiful Mind.

“Why would you construct a film studio in the centre of a working port?” said Shadow Planning Minister Neil Thomson.

“You don’t have to be Francis Ford Coppola or Steven Spielberg to understand the sound of docking ships and the movement of goods is going to be a problem located next to a film studio unless of course it can all be choreographed to perfectly align with some industrial script.

“Infrastructure WA calls on a ‘Inner Harbour masterplan to support future redevelopment’, so one can only imagine how that might happen if further development needs to occur during filming.

“Maybe the enormously enlarged backbench of the Labor Party could volunteer their time to moonlight as manual labourers. Certainly, they come with a great track record of silence in their debut into Parliament, so they would make a perfect labour pool for Inner Harbour works located next to the film studio.

“The obvious conflict of land use wasn’t missed by the good people at Infrastructure WA who said ‘diverse new commercial, hospitality and tourism related initiatives/projects have already been proposed that will result in conflict with existing maritime activities.

“Our Minister for Planning, who appears to be that in name only, has failed to ensure land uses are not in conflict when she agreed to the Cabinet decision to locate a film studio in the middle of a working port,” he said.