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26 July 2021Cyclone-affected communities need extra financial help more than 100 days since Seroja hitMartin Aldridge MLC, Shane Love MLA, Vincent Catania MLAmartin-aldridge-mlc shane-love-mla vincent-catania-mla
26 July 2021Opposition: Concerning rise in teenagers’ mental wellbeing must be immediately addressedLibby Mettam MLA, Peter Rundle MLAlibby-mettam-mla peter-rundle-mla
26 July 2021Labor’s Outer Harbour plans at odds with expert report into WA’s infrastructure projectsShane Love MLAshane-love-mla
26 July 2021Film studio at Fremantle Port dubbed “Apocalypse Now”Neil Thomson MLCneil-thomson-mlc
22 July 2021The McGowan Government’s do-nothing road map ignores health crisisLibby Mettam MLAlibby-mettam-mla
22 July 2021Western Australia Infrastructure plan needs to be independent!Steve Thomas MLC, Uncategorizedsteve-thomas-mlc uncategorized
21 July 2021Small businesses unable to access lockdown support under tough grant criteriaSteve Thomas MLC, Vincent Catania MLAsteve-thomas-mlc vincent-catania-mla
21 July 2021Premier picks up the thread but delivery yet to be seenSteve Thomas MLCsteve-thomas-mlc
15 July 2021Opposition Leader meets with West Australian Youth Parliament for 2021Mia Davies MLAmia-davies-mla
13 July 2021Opposition calls for Government apology for more than 1000 law breachesMia Davies MLA, Nick Goiran MLCmia-davies-mla nick-goiran-mlc
9 July 2021Latest housing figures released today by Domain highlight the enormous pressure skyrocketing rents are having on struggling Western AustraliansSteve Martin MLCsteve-martin-mlc
8 July 2021Geraldton Hospital protocol breach leaves many unanswered questionsMartin Aldridge MLCmartin-aldridge-mlc
7 July 2021Wait times too long for critical child health servicesDonna Faragher MLCdonna-faragher-mlc
1 July 2021Lockdown compensation must be provided to struggling regional businessesMia Davies MLA, Steve Thomas MLCmia-davies-mla steve-thomas-mlc
1 July 2021Regional access to Voluntary Assisted Dying fails to launchMartin Aldridge MLCmartin-aldridge-mlc
30 June 2021Audit Report identifies failure to procure adequate changeSteve Thomas MLCsteve-thomas-mlc
29 June 2021Lockdown compensation needs to be faster and fairerSteve Thomas MLCsteve-thomas-mlc
25 June 2021Opposition says power station sale needs scrutinyDavid Honey MLA, Mia Davies MLAdavid-honey-mla mia-davies-mla
24 June 2021Premier’s ‘captain pick’ taints independence of CCC CommissionerDavid Honey MLA, Mia Davies MLA, Nick Goiran MLCdavid-honey-mla mia-davies-mla nick-goiran-mlc
24 June 2021Chronic underfunding of mental health system failing our kids and teenagersLibby Mettam MLAlibby-mettam-mla
23 June 2021Opposition calls for further consultation prior to South Coast Bioregion Management Plan implementationColin de Grussa MLCcolin-de-grussa-mlc
18 June 2021Labor Government sells off over 1,300 public housesSteve Martin MLCsteve-martin-mlc
18 June 2021Minister struggling with Housing portfolioSteve Martin MLCsteve-martin-mlc
17 June 2021McGowan Government incompetence to blame for extended elective surgery delaysLibby Mettam MLAlibby-mettam-mla
16 June 2021Sleeping rough a reality in Mark McGowan’s WAMia Davies MLA, Shane Love MLA, Steve Martin MLCmia-davies-mla shane-love-mla steve-martin-mlc
15 June 2021SafeWA app breach of trust will undermine public confidenceMia Davies MLAmia-davies-mla
12 June 2021Staff burnout and patient safety fears raised with Fiona Stanley Hospital management in MarchLibby Mettam MLAlibby-mettam-mla
11 June 2021Time to boost funds for regional women’s health servicesMia Davies MLAmia-davies-mla
8 June 2021Vaccination rollout welcomed but support needed for regions, vulnerableLibby Mettam MLA, Mia Davies MLAlibby-mettam-mla mia-davies-mla
8 June 2021Labor urged to find shutdown alternatives as traffic chaos predictedShane Love MLAshane-love-mla
5 June 20212021 Western Australian of the Year Awards showcased true spirit of WAMia Davies MLAmia-davies-mla
4 June 2021McGowan Labor Government shamed into reversing $10 million cuts to St John of God Midland HospitalDonna Faragher MLC, Libby Mettam MLAdonna-faragher-mlc libby-mettam-mla
4 June 2021Attorney General missing in action on elder abuse for 1500 days and countingNick Goiran MLCnick-goiran-mlc
4 June 2021Minister can stop ‘wild cat’ power strikeDavid Honey MLAdavid-honey-mla
3 June 2021Magistrate’s Court flooded with evictions as Labor ignores housing crisisMia Davies MLA, Steve Martin MLCmia-davies-mla steve-martin-mlc
3 June 2021Minister unaware of risk to Pindan Project Bank AccountsVincent Catania MLAvincent-catania-mla
2 June 2021Email proves Department received Pindan warningVincent Catania MLAvincent-catania-mla
2 June 2021Health Minister must clarify role of Quarantine Advisory Panel as new case emergesLibby Mettam MLA, Mia Davies MLAlibby-mettam-mla mia-davies-mla
31 May 2021No dividend for WA as Labor Government sits on massive surplusMia Davies MLA, Steve Thomas MLCmia-davies-mla steve-thomas-mlc
27 May 2021National Reconciliation Week, a time to reflect and actVincent Catania MLAvincent-catania-mla
27 May 2021Labor finally acts to establish Quarantine Advisory PanelLibby Mettam MLA, Mia Davies MLAlibby-mettam-mla mia-davies-mla
26 May 2021Embattled Health Minister unable to answer Opposition questionsMia Davies MLAmia-davies-mla
25 May 2021Subcontractor legislation too little too lateVincent Catania MLAvincent-catania-mla
25 May 2021Frustration and distress as nurses and doctors rally for health crisisLibby Mettam MLA, Mia Davies MLAlibby-mettam-mla mia-davies-mla
20 May 2021Liberal Leader calls on Bill Johnston to prevent power disruptionsDavid Honey MLAdavid-honey-mla
19 May 2021Premier McGowan urged to make Minister Carey purely responsible for WA housing crisisSteve Martin MLCsteve-martin-mlc
19 May 2021PCH emergency department short-staffed as Minister launches PR blitzLibby Mettam MLA, Mia Davies MLAlibby-mettam-mla mia-davies-mla
19 May 2021Opposition calls for greater protection for subcontractorsVincent Catania MLAvincent-catania-mla
18 May 2021Teflon Minister continues to deflect blame for health failuresLibby Mettam MLAlibby-mettam-mla
18 May 2021Madeleine King rewriting history on Kwinana refinery closureDavid Honey MLAdavid-honey-mla
17 May 2021Land release for houses declines while demand soarsSteve Thomas MLCsteve-thomas-mlc
14 May 2021Labor confirms plans to diminish regional representationMartin Aldridge MLC, Mia Davies MLAmartin-aldridge-mlc mia-davies-mla
14 May 2021Premier must allow unprecedented Supreme Court case to proceed to completionDavid Honey MLAdavid-honey-mla
13 May 2021Government must act on $100 million waste levy avoidance scandalTjorn Sibma MLCtjorn-sibma-mlc
12 May 2021Independent inquiry a necessary step forwardLibby Mettam MLAlibby-mettam-mla
12 May 2021Labor moves to implement one of the greatest acts of planning vandalism in the history of Western AustraliaNeil Thomson MLCneil-thomson-mlc
11 May 2021Labor must provide detail on quarantine workers holding second jobsMia Davies MLAmia-davies-mla
10 May 2021Northampton bypass an immediate priority: LoveShane Love MLAshane-love-mla
9 May 2021Statewide campaign launched in Broome to oppose Labor’s scandalous plan to cut regional political representationDavid Honey MLA, Neil Thomson MLCdavid-honey-mla neil-thomson-mlc
7 May 2021Appreciation for emergency response acknowledged in Upper HouseMartin Aldridge MLC, Steve Thomas MLCmartin-aldridge-mlc steve-thomas-mlc
5 May 2021Regional small businesses not eligible for Covid grants: PremierMia Davies MLA, Steve Thomas MLCmia-davies-mla steve-thomas-mlc
5 May 2021Questions expose damning evidence of McGowan Government’s ongoing failure to protect victimsNick Goiran MLCnick-goiran-mlc
5 May 2021Perth house rents increasing at 13 times the rate of inflationSteve Martin MLCsteve-martin-mlc
5 May 2021Electoral reform agenda shows Labor priorities out of orderMia Davies MLAmia-davies-mla
4 May 2021McGowan Government digs heels in on unfair maternity ward restrictionsLibby Mettam MLA, Mia Davies MLAlibby-mettam-mla mia-davies-mla
3 May 2021When will the McGowan government wake up to escalating ambulance ramping?Libby Mettam MLAlibby-mettam-mla
1 May 2021McGowan Government must commit to inquiry into tragic 2 hour PCH waitLibby Mettam MLAlibby-mettam-mla
30 April 2021McGowan Government flexing its muscles to ram through one-vote-one-valueMia Davies MLAmia-davies-mla
29 April 2021Labor must accept responsibility for lockdown painDavid Honey MLA, Mia Davies MLAdavid-honey-mla mia-davies-mla
27 April 2021Hotel risk report shows Government ignoring expert adviceLibby Mettam MLA, Mia Davies MLAlibby-mettam-mla mia-davies-mla
27 April 2021What happened to ‘we’re all in this together’?Libby Mettam MLA, Mia Davies MLAlibby-mettam-mla mia-davies-mla
24 April 2021Labor Government’s mismanaged snap-lockdown causing confusion to West AustraliansLibby Mettam MLA, Mia Davies MLAlibby-mettam-mla mia-davies-mla
23 April 2021Snap lockdown a result of Labor Government’s failuresLibby Mettam MLA, Mia Davies MLAlibby-mettam-mla mia-davies-mla
22 April 2021Imperfect quarantine system leaves Aussies strandedLibby Mettam MLA, Mia Davies MLAlibby-mettam-mla mia-davies-mla
20 April 2021Anzac inconsistencies causing confusion: OppositionColin de Grussa MLC, Libby Mettam MLAcolin-de-grussa-mlc libby-mettam-mla
19 April 2021Opposition Alliance Agreement finalisedDavid Honey MLA, Mia Davies MLAdavid-honey-mla mia-davies-mla