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23 May 2022Fresh blackouts for the Goldfields regionDavid Honey MLAdavid-honey-mla
20 May 2022Labor’s inaction on ambulance ramping evident in St John’s reportLibby Mettam MLA, Martin Aldridge MLC, Mia Davies MLAlibby-mettam-mla martin-aldridge-mlc mia-davies-mla
19 May 2022WA Unemployment rate reflects the need for workersSteve Thomas MLCsteve-thomas-mlc
19 May 2022State Budget support for sports missed the markPeter Rundle MLApeter-rundle-mla
19 May 2022Shoddy COVID-19 contact tracing privacy and data protectionDavid Honey MLAdavid-honey-mla
18 May 20222022 Budget shows massively increasing taxes under the McGowan GovernmentSteve Thomas MLCsteve-thomas-mlc
18 May 2022McGowan Government shows no heart for South West road trauma victimsMartin Aldridge MLC, Mia Davies MLAmartin-aldridge-mlc mia-davies-mla
18 May 2022Promoting projects in regional WA by cutting headworks costsMia Davies MLAmia-davies-mla
18 May 2022Budget silence on child and parent centresDonna Faragher MLCdonna-faragher-mlc
18 May 2022Minister’s climate awareness at ‘net zero’ levelsShane Love MLAshane-love-mla
16 May 2022State Budget reveals agriculture not a priority for McGowan Labor GovernmentColin de Grussa MLCcolin-de-grussa-mlc
16 May 2022Family and domestic violence victims left out in the cold in State budget cutLibby Mettam MLAlibby-mettam-mla
13 May 2022Spot purchasing funding needed to support housing in regional WASteve Martin MLCsteve-martin-mlc
13 May 2022Housing crisis will worsen with widespread increases to household billsSteve Martin MLCsteve-martin-mlc
13 May 2022Another big budget surplus; another big missed opportunitySteve Thomas MLCsteve-thomas-mlc
13 May 2022State Budget fails to address constipated industrial land supplyNeil Thomson MLCneil-thomson-mlc
13 May 2022McGowan Government talks the talk but fails to fund mental health properlyLibby Mettam MLAlibby-mettam-mla
13 May 2022Labor’s $400 power credit just a cheap power-play for votesDavid Honey MLAdavid-honey-mla
13 May 2022WA health budget desperate game of catch up with little future proofingLibby Mettam MLAlibby-mettam-mla
12 May 2022Opposition says State Budget misses the markMia Davies MLA, Steve Thomas MLCmia-davies-mla steve-thomas-mlc
12 May 2022Assaults and physical threatening behaviour against school staff continue to increaseDonna Faragher MLC, Peter Rundle MLAdonna-faragher-mlc peter-rundle-mla
12 May 2022McGowan Government silent as Banksia Hill Detention Centre suffers self-harm pandemicPeter Collier MLCpeter-collier-mlc
12 May 2022Budget an opportunity to support timber townsSteve Martin MLCsteve-martin-mlc
12 May 2022Still running late? Minister cannot say when the Forrestfield-Airport link will openTjorn Sibma MLCtjorn-sibma-mlc
11 May 2022McGowan Government should invest to expand seniors villageMia Davies MLA, Steve Martin MLCmia-davies-mla steve-martin-mlc
11 May 2022Increased funds for PATS needed to support regional West AustraliansMartin Aldridge MLC, Mia Davies MLAmartin-aldridge-mlc mia-davies-mla
11 May 2022WA households now being disconnected every 30 minutes for non-payment of power billsDavid Honey MLA, Steve Thomas MLCdavid-honey-mla steve-thomas-mlc
11 May 2022Public housing numbers still increasingSteve Martin MLCsteve-martin-mlc
11 May 2022State of Emergency in WA continues under McGowan GovernmentDavid Honey MLA, Mia Davies MLAdavid-honey-mla mia-davies-mla
10 May 2022Premier sheepish on live exportColin de Grussa MLCcolin-de-grussa-mlc
10 May 2022Boost to KidSport vouchers needed to tackle cost-of-living pressuresPeter Rundle MLApeter-rundle-mla
10 May 2022Band-Aid legislation to cover flawed planning reform processNeil Thomson MLCneil-thomson-mlc
10 May 2022Unprecedented alert warning points to McGowan Government hospital failLibby Mettam MLAlibby-mettam-mla
9 May 2022State Budget must include plan for reliable electricity access for Western AustraliansDavid Honey MLAdavid-honey-mla
9 May 2022Parkside timber mill closes as a direct result of Minister’s decisionSteve Martin MLCsteve-martin-mlc
9 May 2022McGowan figures just don’t add upSteve Thomas MLCsteve-thomas-mlc
6 May 2022Early years must be a priority in this year’s State BudgetDonna Faragher MLCdonna-faragher-mlc
6 May 2022Labor’s domestic violence budget announcement falls shortLibby Mettam MLA, Mia Davies MLAlibby-mettam-mla mia-davies-mla
5 May 2022Kimberley crime funding welcomed but commitments must be fast-trackedMia Davies MLA, Neil Thomson MLC, Peter Collier MLCmia-davies-mla neil-thomson-mlc peter-collier-mlc
5 May 2022Urgent funds needed for expansion of Margaret River HospitalLibby Mettam MLA, Mia Davies MLAlibby-mettam-mla mia-davies-mla
4 May 2022Hardwood harvesting is a sustainable and vital industrySteve Martin MLCsteve-martin-mlc
4 May 2022Still waiting for the Forrestfield-Airport link to openTjorn Sibma MLCtjorn-sibma-mlc
3 May 2022Life should mean life for “Granny Killer”Nick Goiran MLCnick-goiran-mlc
3 May 2022No timeframes, no urgency for pre-budget health spinLibby Mettam MLAlibby-mettam-mla
2 May 2022More spin from McGowan Government as health crisis continuesLibby Mettam MLAlibby-mettam-mla
27 April 2022Another change in business compensation welcome as an acknowledgment of previous failuresSteve Thomas MLCsteve-thomas-mlc
27 April 2022Sibma slams secrecy about red tape reduction squadTjorn Sibma MLCtjorn-sibma-mlc
27 April 2022Minister fails to deliver independent inquiry as promisedLibby Mettam MLAlibby-mettam-mla
27 April 2022Easing of restrictions welcomed but mandate inconsistencies remainDavid Honey MLA, Mia Davies MLAdavid-honey-mla mia-davies-mla
25 April 2022Solemn services across WA for ANZAC DayColin de Grussa MLC, Mia Davies MLAcolin-de-grussa-mlc mia-davies-mla
22 April 2022More funds needed for timber communitiesSteve Martin MLCsteve-martin-mlc
21 April 2022Lack of housing in the Pilbara forces families into the bushSteve Martin MLCsteve-martin-mlc
21 April 2022Busselton Health Campus tragedyLibby Mettam MLAlibby-mettam-mla
14 April 2022Geraldton hospital redevelopment remains at a standstillMartin Aldridge MLC, Mia Davies MLAmartin-aldridge-mlc mia-davies-mla
14 April 2022Opposition welcomes further easing of COVID-19 restrictionsDavid Honey MLA, Mia Davies MLAdavid-honey-mla mia-davies-mla
14 April 2022Time to reveal METRONET’s timetableTjorn Sibma MLCtjorn-sibma-mlc
13 April 2022Opposition calls for support for regional schoolPeter Rundle MLApeter-rundle-mla
12 April 2022Damage remains one year on from Tropical Cyclone SerojaMartin Aldridge MLC, Mia Davies MLAmartin-aldridge-mlc mia-davies-mla
12 April 2022Premier legacy will be economic as the State exits the COVID crisisSteve Thomas MLCsteve-thomas-mlc
12 April 2022Duty relief welcome as a small first stepSteve Thomas MLCsteve-thomas-mlc
11 April 2022WA Labor at long last listens to Opposition’s calls for more policePeter Collier MLCpeter-collier-mlc
11 April 2022Calling time on unreliable Attorney-GeneralDavid Honey MLA, Nick Goiran MLCdavid-honey-mla nick-goiran-mlc
8 April 2022Collaborative approach needed to ensure demersal fish recoveryColin de Grussa MLC, Shane Love MLAcolin-de-grussa-mlc shane-love-mla
7 April 2022Hospital visitor restrictions must be urgently reviewedLibby Mettam MLAlibby-mettam-mla
6 April 2022Opinion: “Go buy a generator” poor response to regional power woesMartin Aldridge MLCmartin-aldridge-mlc
5 April 2022Federal funding boost delivers $1.3 billion for regional communicationMartin Aldridge MLCmartin-aldridge-mlc
5 April 2022St John’s Ambulance pressure result of a whole system at capacityLibby Mettam MLAlibby-mettam-mla
4 April 2022Federal rail safety funding commitment should be matched in State BudgetMia Davies MLA, Shane Love MLAmia-davies-mla shane-love-mla
4 April 2022Premier correct to go ahead with easing of restrictions; now he can go furtherSteve Martin MLCsteve-martin-mlc
4 April 2022Perth could become the homeless capital of AustraliaDavid Honey MLA, Steve Martin MLCdavid-honey-mla steve-martin-mlc
4 April 2022Ambulance ramping and response times under pressure due to years of neglectLibby Mettam MLAlibby-mettam-mla
1 April 2022Premier’s Manjimup visit fails to address devastated Forestry IndustrySteve Martin MLCsteve-martin-mlc
31 March 2022Keeping METRONET on trackTjorn Sibma MLCtjorn-sibma-mlc
31 March 2022McGowan Government drags its feet on vital bail reform, putting victims at riskLibby Mettam MLA, Nick Goiran MLClibby-mettam-mla nick-goiran-mlc
31 March 2022Power outage review welcomed but Mid West communities ignoredMartin Aldridge MLC, Shane Love MLAmartin-aldridge-mlc shane-love-mla
30 March 2022National-Liberal Alliance Shadow Ministry updatedMia Davies MLAmia-davies-mla
30 March 2022West Aussies slugged for Attorney’s sequel performanceNick Goiran MLC, Steve Thomas MLCnick-goiran-mlc steve-thomas-mlc
29 March 2022Wait times for child development services still too highDonna Faragher MLCdonna-faragher-mlc
29 March 2022Lack of clarity remains for regional familiesPeter Rundle MLApeter-rundle-mla
29 March 2022Skilled workforce ready for actionColin de Grussa MLC, Mia Davies MLAcolin-de-grussa-mlc mia-davies-mla
28 March 2022No answers on missing red tape reduction squadTjorn Sibma MLCtjorn-sibma-mlc
25 March 2022Time for G2G system to be droppedMia Davies MLAmia-davies-mla
25 March 2022Damning Royal Commission report requires swift action from GovernmentPeter Rundle MLApeter-rundle-mla
24 March 20222021 Christmas outage review a predictable shamDavid Honey MLAdavid-honey-mla
24 March 2022Increase in fuel card value needed to ease cost-of-living pressuresMartin Aldridge MLC, Shane Love MLAmartin-aldridge-mlc shane-love-mla
23 March 2022Government should announce level two triggersSteve Thomas MLCsteve-thomas-mlc
22 March 2022Rating’s agency report reflects the current boom in WASteve Thomas MLCsteve-thomas-mlc
21 March 2022Elective surgery backflip welcomed but doesn’t go far enoughLibby Mettam MLAlibby-mettam-mla
18 March 2022Labor falls short on animal welfareColin de Grussa MLCcolin-de-grussa-mlc
17 March 2022Infrastructure Australia Report Highlights Opportunities for Regional ImprovementsSteve Martin MLCsteve-martin-mlc
17 March 2022Thousands support independent inquiry into regional power outagesMartin Aldridge MLC, Shane Love MLAmartin-aldridge-mlc shane-love-mla
16 March 2022Another admission of businesses compensation failureSteve Thomas MLCsteve-thomas-mlc
16 March 2022Public housing waitlist numbers on the riseSteve Martin MLCsteve-martin-mlc
15 March 2022Opposition calls for Minister McGurk to goDavid Honey MLA, Mia Davies MLA, Nick Goiran MLCdavid-honey-mla mia-davies-mla nick-goiran-mlc
14 March 2022Event organisers need clarity to prevent last-minute cancellationsPeter Rundle MLApeter-rundle-mla
11 March 2022Trigger points needed to provide clarity for ANZAC Day servicesColin de Grussa MLCcolin-de-grussa-mlc
10 March 2022Vital investment in regional communications across WA welcomedMartin Aldridge MLCmartin-aldridge-mlc
10 March 2022WA missing out on once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to become world giant of green exportable energyDavid Honey MLAdavid-honey-mla
9 March 2022Fundraising success for organisers of ‘A Night Under the Stars’Mia Davies MLAmia-davies-mla
9 March 2022COVID contaminated waste management concernsTjorn Sibma MLCtjorn-sibma-mlc
9 March 2022Sign the petition for investigation into Goldfields power outagesMartin Aldridge MLCmartin-aldridge-mlc
8 March 2022CBD occupancy reflects two years of business uncertaintySteve Thomas MLCsteve-thomas-mlc
8 March 2022Champion for change and #breakthebias on International Women’s DayMia Davies MLAmia-davies-mla
8 March 2022Less than 350 affordable houses for rent in Perth as border opensDavid Honey MLA, Steve Martin MLCdavid-honey-mla steve-martin-mlc
8 March 2022Another day, another change as McGowan again admits change is requiredSteve Thomas MLCsteve-thomas-mlc
4 March 2022Opposition calls for update on joint-funded Ag Supply Chain initiativeColin de Grussa MLC, Shane Love MLAcolin-de-grussa-mlc shane-love-mla
4 March 2022Elective surgery delays lead to dire outcomes for cancer survivorLibby Mettam MLAlibby-mettam-mla
3 March 2022Inconsistent advice needs to be clarified for visitation to sick and elderlyLibby Mettam MLAlibby-mettam-mla
3 March 2022Business support misses the Mark, again!Steve Thomas MLCsteve-thomas-mlc
3 March 2022Rocky start to regional rapid antigen test rolloutMartin Aldridge MLCmartin-aldridge-mlc
2 March 2022Another week, another ad-hoc support packageSteve Thomas MLCsteve-thomas-mlc
1 March 2022February ambulance ramping figures up almost 40% on last yearLibby Mettam MLAlibby-mettam-mla
1 March 2022Rolling review of Level 2 restrictions requiredDavid Honey MLA, Mia Davies MLAdavid-honey-mla mia-davies-mla
28 February 2022McGowan Labor Government’s response to social housing crisis in Kimberley a drop in oceanNeil Thomson MLC, Steve Martin MLCneil-thomson-mlc steve-martin-mlc
28 February 2022Homelessness in Perth increases by almost 70%Steve Martin MLCsteve-martin-mlc
25 February 2022Regional Telecommunications Review identifies key opportunities for improvementMartin Aldridge MLCmartin-aldridge-mlc
24 February 2022Support for schools vital as COVID-19 cases risePeter Rundle MLApeter-rundle-mla
24 February 2022Government must ensure regional COVID testing is up to taskMartin Aldridge MLCmartin-aldridge-mlc
24 February 2022Government acknowledges initial compensation package was inadequateSteve Thomas MLCsteve-thomas-mlc
24 February 2022WA prison vaccination rates lagging far behind general populationPeter Collier MLCpeter-collier-mlc
24 February 2022Housing Minister Carey delays crucial Kimberley housingSteve Martin MLCsteve-martin-mlc
24 February 2022Regional passenger rail promise snubbed by McGowan GovernmentShane Love MLAshane-love-mla
23 February 2022Questions and concerns raised over Armadale train line disruptionNeil Thomson MLC, Shane Love MLAneil-thomson-mlc shane-love-mla
23 February 2022McGowan Government drags their feet on guidelines for GP practicesLibby Mettam MLAlibby-mettam-mla
21 February 2022Government ignorance or contempt of business on display againSteve Thomas MLCsteve-thomas-mlc
20 February 2022McGowan Government must reinstate health worker survey amid PCH concernsLibby Mettam MLAlibby-mettam-mla
20 February 2022With border to open, review of mandates should be priorityDavid Honey MLA, Mia Davies MLAdavid-honey-mla mia-davies-mla
20 February 2022Premier finally comes clean on reopening dateDavid Honey MLA, Mia Davies MLAdavid-honey-mla mia-davies-mla
18 February 2022Housing crisis help will come too lateSteve Martin MLCsteve-martin-mlc
18 February 2022Slow progress on Cyclone Seroja recovery ten months onMartin Aldridge MLCmartin-aldridge-mlc
18 February 2022No plan to reign in school chaos caused by McGowan GovernmentPeter Rundle MLApeter-rundle-mla
18 February 2022Enjoy a cuppa for Teal Tea appeal during Ovarian Cancer Awareness MonthDonna Faragher MLC, Libby Mettam MLA, Mia Davies MLAdonna-faragher-mlc libby-mettam-mla mia-davies-mla
17 February 2022Failure by Premier to be open and honest around border reviewLibby Mettam MLA, Mia Davies MLAlibby-mettam-mla mia-davies-mla
17 February 2022Environment offlineTjorn Sibma MLCtjorn-sibma-mlc
16 February 2022Health staff silenced as government cancels annual worker surveyLibby Mettam MLAlibby-mettam-mla
16 February 2022RATs debacle costs WA taxpayers $1.4million in charter flightsLibby Mettam MLAlibby-mettam-mla
16 February 2022McGowan Government’s COVID preparedness an appalling messSteve Thomas MLCsteve-thomas-mlc
15 February 2022Defensive Premier refuses to give answers around reopening dateMia Davies MLAmia-davies-mla
15 February 2022Opinion: Regional hospitals on the chopping block as health crisis worsensMartin Aldridge MLCmartin-aldridge-mlc
14 February 2022McGowan Government caught out again in contamination fatalities cover upLibby Mettam MLAlibby-mettam-mla
14 February 2022Remembering WA’s brave women who served in war and conflictMia Davies MLAmia-davies-mla
11 February 2022Tourism operators face obliteration without an opening dateVincent Catania MLAvincent-catania-mla
11 February 2022Small business compensation package is a drop in the surplus oceanSteve Thomas MLCsteve-thomas-mlc
10 February 2022Forestry businesses continue to sufferSteve Martin MLCsteve-martin-mlc
10 February 2022Vulnerable pregnant woman left in overcrowded housingSteve Martin MLCsteve-martin-mlc
10 February 2022Labor’s blanket ban condemned as a big blow for school campsPeter Rundle MLApeter-rundle-mla
10 February 2022Independent analysis renews calls for McGowan Govt to come clean on Omicron modelling and true cost of indefinite hard borderLibby Mettam MLAlibby-mettam-mla
8 February 2022Pre-emptive cut to elective surgeries sign of system at capacityLibby Mettam MLAlibby-mettam-mla
8 February 2022“Blackout Bill” Johnston strikes again with 40,000 power outagesDavid Honey MLAdavid-honey-mla
6 February 2022The summer of blackouts continues, courtesy of “Blackout Bill” JohnstonDavid Honey MLAdavid-honey-mla
6 February 2022WA kept in the dark as Labor refuses to release modellingLibby Mettam MLAlibby-mettam-mla
4 February 2022Labor insults Forestry Industry with disappointing compensation packageSteve Martin MLCsteve-martin-mlc
4 February 2022Clarity needed around isolation rules for boarding school studentsPeter Rundle MLApeter-rundle-mla
4 February 2022Broken promise as Geraldton Hospital upgrades delayed indefinitelyMartin Aldridge MLCmartin-aldridge-mlc
3 February 2022State Government must come clean on plan to close regional hospitalsMartin Aldridge MLCmartin-aldridge-mlc
2 February 2022Unsettled schools and families deserve assurance after Labor’s backflipPeter Rundle MLApeter-rundle-mla
2 February 2022McGowan government need to urgently rethink PCH car parking planLibby Mettam MLAlibby-mettam-mla
2 February 2022Enough is enough Premier: set a threshold and a date and link the twoSteve Thomas MLCsteve-thomas-mlc
2 February 2022Independent inquiry into Western Power and Horizon Power neededDavid Honey MLA, Martin Aldridge MLC, Shane Love MLAdavid-honey-mla martin-aldridge-mlc shane-love-mla
1 February 2022Strict deadline for entry unfair for international studentsPeter Rundle MLApeter-rundle-mla
31 January 2022Premier should safely reopen WA on or before March 5David Honey MLA, Mia Davies MLAdavid-honey-mla mia-davies-mla
31 January 2022Confusion and uncertainty remain for families as Term One beginsPeter Rundle MLApeter-rundle-mla
31 January 2022Business left to police McGowan Government rulesDavid Honey MLA, Steve Thomas MLCdavid-honey-mla steve-thomas-mlc
31 January 2022Northern tourism emerging crisis due to WA Labor’s border uncertaintyNeil Thomson MLC, Vincent Catania MLAneil-thomson-mlc vincent-catania-mla
28 January 2022Elective surgery waiting times blow-out in staggering numbersLibby Mettam MLAlibby-mettam-mla
27 January 2022International students deserve clarity ahead of Semester OnePeter Rundle MLApeter-rundle-mla
27 January 2022Construction industry prepared while Labor slackedDavid Honey MLA, Steve Thomas MLCdavid-honey-mla steve-thomas-mlc
25 January 2022Pressure on Wheatbelt health amid COVID exposure and contract expiryMartin Aldridge MLC, Mia Davies MLAmartin-aldridge-mlc mia-davies-mla
25 January 2022Lack of detail in school plan leaves families waiting for answersPeter Rundle MLApeter-rundle-mla
25 January 2022Labor’s re-opening date ‘backflip’ prevents access to skilled ag workersColin de Grussa MLCcolin-de-grussa-mlc
24 January 2022School starts in one week but still no clarity on COVID-19 measuresPeter Rundle MLApeter-rundle-mla
24 January 2022Rental crisis biting deep, only 415 affordable rentals in PerthDavid Honey MLA, Steve Martin MLCdavid-honey-mla steve-martin-mlc
23 January 2022McGowan Government fails COVID hurdle with embarrassing triage bungleLibby Mettam MLAlibby-mettam-mla
23 January 2022Tourism industry needs certainty and access to essential workersVincent Catania MLAvincent-catania-mla
22 January 2022Premier must release new date and plan to reduce confusion and restore calmLibby Mettam MLA, Mia Davies MLAlibby-mettam-mla mia-davies-mla
21 January 2022Delayed date proves Premier failed to prepare WA for COVID-19David Honey MLA, Libby Mettam MLA, Mia Davies MLAdavid-honey-mla libby-mettam-mla mia-davies-mla
20 January 2022More outages from an out-of-touch GovernmentDavid Honey MLAdavid-honey-mla
18 January 2022Regional health crisis escalates as border reopening loomsMartin Aldridge MLCmartin-aldridge-mlc
18 January 2022State lacks vision for electric vehicles in residential apartmentsNeil Thomson MLC, Vincent Catania MLAneil-thomson-mlc vincent-catania-mla
18 January 2022COVID-19 readiness needs ramping up ahead of re-opening dateLibby Mettam MLA, Mia Davies MLAlibby-mettam-mla mia-davies-mla
13 January 2022Uncertainty means death to vulnerable small businessesSteve Thomas MLCsteve-thomas-mlc
13 January 2022Health practitioners plea for clear plan now to prepare for re-openingLibby Mettam MLAlibby-mettam-mla
13 January 2022Reassurance needed for parents ahead of Term OnePeter Rundle MLApeter-rundle-mla
12 January 2022ServiceWA app rollout another clunky WA Labor messDavid Honey MLAdavid-honey-mla
12 January 2022Privacy concerns over clunky new check-in appLibby Mettam MLAlibby-mettam-mla
11 January 2022Housing availability set to plummet further under WA LaborSteve Martin MLCsteve-martin-mlc
10 January 2022Alarming increase in SAC-1 incidents and deaths in WA hospitals in 2020-21Libby Mettam MLAlibby-mettam-mla
10 January 2022WA timber businesses failed by WA Labor back-peddlingSteve Martin MLCsteve-martin-mlc
10 January 2022WA Labor should automatically compensate all families who were affected by the 3-day Christmas power outagesDavid Honey MLAdavid-honey-mla
4 January 2022Homelessness in Perth CBD up 35 per cent since SeptemberSteve Martin MLCsteve-martin-mlc
4 January 2022Annual ambulance ramping figures more than double in 2021Libby Mettam MLAlibby-mettam-mla
4 January 2022WA Labor must take action to ensure electricity supply reliability over summerDavid Honey MLAdavid-honey-mla
4 January 2022Power outages – more broken WA Labor promisesDavid Honey MLAdavid-honey-mla
4 January 2022Hasty ex-Minister botches new environmental regulationsTjorn Sibma MLCtjorn-sibma-mlc
20 December 2021More elective surgery cancellations as health system under pressureLibby Mettam MLAlibby-mettam-mla
20 December 2021Shuffling of Ministerial deck proves Roger Cook failedDavid Honey MLA, Libby Mettam MLA, Mia Davies MLAdavid-honey-mla libby-mettam-mla mia-davies-mla
20 December 2021Vulnerable regional communities left out of Mid-Year Budget ReviewMartin Aldridge MLCmartin-aldridge-mlc
16 December 2021McGowan Labor Government had prior knowledge before Juukan Gorge and did nothing to stop itNeil Thomson MLCneil-thomson-mlc
16 December 2021Labor drags its feet on forestry support packageSteve Martin MLCsteve-martin-mlc
16 December 2021Even more evidence of Western Australia’s monster budget surpluses thanks to iron ore and the GST fixSteve Thomas MLCsteve-thomas-mlc
16 December 2021Opinion: Haphazard approach to fire season leaves communities at riskMartin Aldridge MLCmartin-aldridge-mlc
16 December 2021Shocking rate of nurse resignations highlight McGowan Governments failure to put patients and health workers firstLibby Mettam MLAlibby-mettam-mla
15 December 2021Refusal to respond to CBH question cements Labor’s lack of transparencyColin de Grussa MLCcolin-de-grussa-mlc
15 December 2021In-depth consultation needed following passing of Aboriginal Cultural Heritage BillVincent Catania MLAvincent-catania-mla
15 December 2021“Ctrl your summer job” campaign turns out to be another tiptoe through the tulipsSteve Thomas MLCsteve-thomas-mlc
13 December 2021Re-opening date welcomed but Labor must turbocharge COVID-19 preparednessMia Davies MLAmia-davies-mla
10 December 2021Optus 5G push for WA a much-needed upgradeDavid Honey MLAdavid-honey-mla
10 December 2021Disappointing and dismissive response by Labor to global supply chain crisisColin de Grussa MLCcolin-de-grussa-mlc
8 December 2021Planning vandalism damages western suburbs liveabilityNeil Thomson MLCneil-thomson-mlc
8 December 2021Aldridge obtains clarification on emergency service vaccination directionsMartin Aldridge MLCmartin-aldridge-mlc
8 December 2021Still no extra funding to reduce wait times for child development servicesDonna Faragher MLCdonna-faragher-mlc
6 December 2021New land tenure reform needs accountability and transparencyNeil Thomson MLCneil-thomson-mlc
3 December 2021Patient dies with legionnaires disease at SCGH following McGowan Government’s deflection and denial of outbreak concernsLibby Mettam MLAlibby-mettam-mla
2 December 2021Metronet sub-contractor concerns: WA Labor should investigate supplier linked with forced labourNeil Thomson MLCneil-thomson-mlc
2 December 2021Petition shows strong community response to Robinson Road closureDonna Faragher MLC, Shane Love MLAdonna-faragher-mlc shane-love-mla
1 December 2021Minister is caught out on hospital contamination denialLibby Mettam MLAlibby-mettam-mla
1 December 2021Opposition Alliance welcomes maintenance initiatives calling for infrastructure upgrades in remote communitiesNeil Thomson MLCneil-thomson-mlc
1 December 2021Government’s haphazard approach to fire season leaves communities at riskMartin Aldridge MLCmartin-aldridge-mlc
29 November 2021WA Labor rushes through Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Bill with minimum consultationNeil Thomson MLCneil-thomson-mlc
26 November 2021Family’s desperate plea in face of chronic under-funding of mental health servicesLibby Mettam MLAlibby-mettam-mla
25 November 2021WA Labor hydrogen hub is an embarrassing pipedreamDavid Honey MLAdavid-honey-mla
25 November 2021Rushed bill by Labor defies accountability and consultationMia Davies MLA, Vincent Catania MLAmia-davies-mla vincent-catania-mla
24 November 2021Homeless shelter empty while thousands sleep on WA streetsSteve Martin MLCsteve-martin-mlc
24 November 2021Labor must not squander Scarborough LNG project opportunity to transition WA to a clean energy economyDavid Honey MLAdavid-honey-mla
19 November 2021More transparency needed on new environmental fees and chargesTjorn Sibma MLCtjorn-sibma-mlc
18 November 2021Premier unable to guarantee teacher for every classroomPeter Rundle MLApeter-rundle-mla
18 November 2021Report proves Labor’s lacklustre approach to vaccine roll-outLibby Mettam MLA, Mia Davies MLAlibby-mettam-mla mia-davies-mla
18 November 2021WA Labor leaves Western Australia unprepared for worsening housing crisisNeil Thomson MLC, Steve Martin MLCneil-thomson-mlc steve-martin-mlc
18 November 2021Theatre restrictions in Bunbury causing mass elective surgery cancellationsLibby Mettam MLAlibby-mettam-mla
17 November 2021Three years later and still waiting for Carers Recognition Act review reportDonna Faragher MLCdonna-faragher-mlc
17 November 2021Rushed bill another example of Labor’s abuse of powerMia Davies MLA, Vincent Catania MLAmia-davies-mla vincent-catania-mla
17 November 2021Mixed messages cause vaccination confusion for emergency services volunteersMartin Aldridge MLCmartin-aldridge-mlc
17 November 2021Dark day for regional WA as voices silenced in ParliamentMia Davies MLA, Steve Thomas MLCmia-davies-mla steve-thomas-mlc
16 November 2021Latest ICT failure one of many highlighting fragile state of health systemLibby Mettam MLAlibby-mettam-mla
15 November 2021Heart surgeries cancelled due to McGowan Governments ICU capacity failuresLibby Mettam MLAlibby-mettam-mla
12 November 2021Opposition Leader tackles fear of heights for youth homelessness serviceMia Davies MLAmia-davies-mla
12 November 2021Midwife shortage across regional WA forcing closures and failing servicesMartin Aldridge MLC, Mia Davies MLAmartin-aldridge-mlc mia-davies-mla
12 November 2021Premier refuses to give basic answers on ongoing teacher shortagePeter Rundle MLApeter-rundle-mla
11 November 2021Lest We ForgetColin de Grussa MLC, Mia Davies MLAcolin-de-grussa-mlc mia-davies-mla
11 November 2021CAHS levels of morale are some of the worst across AustraliaLibby Mettam MLAlibby-mettam-mla
10 November 2021Premier shirks responsibility for under-resourced Perth Children’s HospitalLibby Mettam MLA, Mia Davies MLAlibby-mettam-mla mia-davies-mla
10 November 2021Labor’s anti-bikie bill waters down restrictions on child sex offendersDavid Honey MLA, Nick Goiran MLCdavid-honey-mla nick-goiran-mlc
9 November 2021Health Minister must resign for failing staff at Perth Children’s HospitalLibby Mettam MLA, Mia Davies MLAlibby-mettam-mla mia-davies-mla
5 November 2021Rough re-opening plan for WA welcomed but not detailed enoughMia Davies MLAmia-davies-mla
4 November 2021Health Minister missed golden opportunity for Mid West maternity servicesMartin Aldridge MLCmartin-aldridge-mlc
4 November 2021ACCC report opens the way for State Government action on Boyanup SaleyardsColin de Grussa MLC, Steve Thomas MLCcolin-de-grussa-mlc steve-thomas-mlc
3 November 2021Eleventh hour funding to prepare for outbreak welcome but 21 months lateLibby Mettam MLAlibby-mettam-mla
2 November 2021Hit-and-miss as Premier refuses to reveal re-opening planMia Davies MLAmia-davies-mla
1 November 2021Ambulance ramping figures a stark reminder of lack of preparedness for COVID outbreakLibby Mettam MLAlibby-mettam-mla
29 October 2021Greater funding certainty required for McGrath FoundationLibby Mettam MLA, Mia Davies MLAlibby-mettam-mla mia-davies-mla
29 October 2021Tourism industry meetings leaving key regional locations off the tableVincent Catania MLAvincent-catania-mla
28 October 2021Premier has failed to prepare and plan to safely re-open WALibby Mettam MLA, Mia Davies MLAlibby-mettam-mla mia-davies-mla
28 October 2021Minister for Climate Change shows an embarrassing lack of understandingDavid Honey MLAdavid-honey-mla
28 October 2021New police figures highlight violent crime is out of controlPeter Collier MLCpeter-collier-mlc
28 October 2021Opposition puts rail safety at passive rail crossings on agendaMia Davies MLA, Shane Love MLAmia-davies-mla shane-love-mla
26 October 2021Labor continues to fail regional West Australians on all frontsColin de Grussa MLC, Mia Davies MLAcolin-de-grussa-mlc mia-davies-mla
26 October 2021Request for Treasury action on $100m annual waste levy avoidanceTjorn Sibma MLCtjorn-sibma-mlc
26 October 2021Multiple maternity bypasses revealed as hospitals struggle to copeLibby Mettam MLAlibby-mettam-mla
21 October 2021Mandatory vaccinations but still no roadmap for Western AustraliaMia Davies MLAmia-davies-mla
21 October 2021No new funding for new national parks in 2021-22 State BudgetTjorn Sibma MLCtjorn-sibma-mlc
21 October 2021Labor Government must take immediate action to address the law-and-order crisis unfolding in the Kimberley regionNeil Thomson MLCneil-thomson-mlc
21 October 2021Nursing shortage at crisis point as opening hours cut at Wyndham HospitalLibby Mettam MLAlibby-mettam-mla
20 October 2021Broome’s Cara Peek takes out national title for prestigious Rural Women’s AwardMia Davies MLAmia-davies-mla
19 October 2021More elective surgery cancellations as health system under pressureLibby Mettam MLAlibby-mettam-mla
19 October 2021Opposition calls for Government to outline plan for opening up State safelyMia Davies MLAmia-davies-mla
18 October 2021WA’s ICU beds per capita worst in the nation despite best chance to prepareLibby Mettam MLAlibby-mettam-mla
18 October 2021Raising awareness about developmental language disorderDonna Faragher MLCdonna-faragher-mlc
15 October 2021McGowan’s attack on Andrew Forrest is immature, irresponsible and hypocriticalDavid Honey MLAdavid-honey-mla
15 October 2021Isolation room flaws leave regional hospitals and communities at risk of COVID-19Martin Aldridge MLCmartin-aldridge-mlc
14 October 2021Labor gags debate to silence regional voicesMia Davies MLAmia-davies-mla
14 October 2021Andrew Forrest calls out Labor Government for WA being left behind in green hydrogen raceDavid Honey MLAdavid-honey-mla
14 October 2021Attempt to convince local workers to help with harvest another failure by LaborColin de Grussa MLCcolin-de-grussa-mlc
14 October 2021TAB sale announcement sprung in Parliament raises more questions than answersPeter Rundle MLApeter-rundle-mla
14 October 2021Annual report reveals troubling state of child and youth health systemLibby Mettam MLAlibby-mettam-mla
13 October 2021Inquiry into possible unlawful behaviour by Attorney General voted down by LaborShane Love MLAshane-love-mla
13 October 2021Green light finally given to community kindergartens in Mount Helena and CoolbellupDonna Faragher MLCdonna-faragher-mlc
13 October 2021Opposition: Gag order on electoral reform debate by Labor is an abuse of powerMia Davies MLAmia-davies-mla
13 October 2021Labor finally acts to intervene in Fremantle Port disputeColin de Grussa MLCcolin-de-grussa-mlc
13 October 2021First Queensland, now NSW leapfrogs WA in green hydrogen raceDavid Honey MLAdavid-honey-mla
11 October 2021Roger Cook, Alannah MacTiernan must be stripped of PortfoliosDavid Honey MLAdavid-honey-mla
8 October 2021Labor’s ad hoc approach to vaccination passport a serious concernDavid Honey MLAdavid-honey-mla
8 October 2021Labor Government missing in action for State’s $11 billion ag sectorColin de Grussa MLC, Mia Davies MLAcolin-de-grussa-mlc mia-davies-mla
7 October 2021Labor must spend some of its eye-watering surplus to help reignite events industryVincent Catania MLAvincent-catania-mla
7 October 2021Figures highlight WA Labor Govts failure to prioritise frontline worker growthLibby Mettam MLAlibby-mettam-mla
7 October 2021Labor has dropped the ball again on COVID preparednessLibby Mettam MLA, Mia Davies MLAlibby-mettam-mla mia-davies-mla
30 September 2021Labor fails to play the long game to protect and support events industryVincent Catania MLAvincent-catania-mla
30 September 2021Union-backed Committee Chair should step downLibby Mettam MLAlibby-mettam-mla
29 September 2021Synergy financial losses revealedDavid Honey MLAdavid-honey-mla
28 September 2021Damning new research highlights public’s lack of confidence in Health MinisterLibby Mettam MLAlibby-mettam-mla
28 September 2021Immediate certainty needed for community kindergartensDonna Faragher MLCdonna-faragher-mlc
23 September 2021Labor’s lack of attention towards tourism industry shows disregard for business operators and regional WAVincent Catania MLAvincent-catania-mla
21 September 2021Call for urgent appointment of a full-time Child Protection MinisterNick Goiran MLCnick-goiran-mlc
17 September 2021Iron correction was correctly predicted by the OppositionSteve Thomas MLCsteve-thomas-mlc
15 September 2021Labor’s proposal to gut Upper House regions-based representation is a disgraceDavid Honey MLAdavid-honey-mla
15 September 2021Labor’s massive $1.5 billion shortfall in health funding highlightedDavid Honey MLAdavid-honey-mla
15 September 2021Labor’s attack on regional representation continuesMia Davies MLAmia-davies-mla
13 September 2021Jurien Bay Marina funding decision stinksShane Love MLAshane-love-mla
13 September 2021Western Australia’s big budget surplus should outrage small businessSteve Thomas MLCsteve-thomas-mlc
10 September 2021Budget fails to address regional worker and accommodation shortagesVincent Catania MLAvincent-catania-mla
10 September 2021Health budget underwhelming response to a system in crisisLibby Mettam MLAlibby-mettam-mla
10 September 2021West Australian farmers abandoned with no plans for ag workers in State BudgetColin de Grussa MLC, Mia Davies MLAcolin-de-grussa-mlc mia-davies-mla
10 September 2021State awash with cash while Labor dashes from crisis to crisisMartin Aldridge MLCmartin-aldridge-mlc
9 September 2021Premier sits on eye-watering $5.6 billion surplus while State remains in crisisMia Davies MLA, Steve Thomas MLCmia-davies-mla steve-thomas-mlc
8 September 2021Opposition appalled at Labor cutting down regional jobs in forestry industryMia Davies MLA, Steve Martin MLC, Tjorn Sibma MLCmia-davies-mla steve-martin-mlc tjorn-sibma-mlc
8 September 2021Record royalties should revive Royalties for RegionsMia Davies MLA, Steve Thomas MLCmia-davies-mla steve-thomas-mlc
8 September 2021Premier proven to ignore plight of West Australian farmers facing ag worker shortagesColin de Grussa MLC, Peter Rundle MLAcolin-de-grussa-mlc peter-rundle-mla
7 September 2021Labor rejects call to improve G2G application processMartin Aldridge MLC, Mia Davies MLAmartin-aldridge-mlc mia-davies-mla
7 September 2021WA Labor Governments hospital failures see 1 in 4 priority One’s left waiting too longLibby Mettam MLAlibby-mettam-mla
6 September 2021Regional housing funding too little too lateSteve Martin MLCsteve-martin-mlc
5 September 2021At last, the budget battle lines are drawnSteve Thomas MLCsteve-thomas-mlc
3 September 2021Questions remain over appointment of Environmental ‘Special Adviser’Tjorn Sibma MLCtjorn-sibma-mlc
3 September 2021State’s agriculture industry let down by Labor’s lack of action on quarantine for ag workersColin de Grussa MLCcolin-de-grussa-mlc
3 September 2021Jab rates need to improve for remote communitiesMartin Aldridge MLC, Mia Davies MLA, Vincent Catania MLAmartin-aldridge-mlc mia-davies-mla vincent-catania-mla
1 September 2021Planning Minister Undermines Rights of Locals in Planning LawsNeil Thomson MLCneil-thomson-mlc
1 September 2021111 Code Yellows for bed block as ramping reaches new recordLibby Mettam MLAlibby-mettam-mla
31 August 2021Pilbara and Kimberley forgotten in State’s vaccine rolloutMartin Aldridge MLCmartin-aldridge-mlc
31 August 2021Health Minister still not listening to the voices of WA’s health workforceMartin Aldridge MLCmartin-aldridge-mlc
30 August 2021Health Minister must explain why more elective surgeries delayed on his watchLibby Mettam MLAlibby-mettam-mla
30 August 2021WA Labor Government’s health failures deepen with latest appalling report cardLibby Mettam MLAlibby-mettam-mla
26 August 2021Skyrocketing ambulance ramping figures set to exceed shocking recordLibby Mettam MLAlibby-mettam-mla
26 August 2021WA Labor cuts corners on Joondalup Health Campus expansionLibby Mettam MLAlibby-mettam-mla
26 August 2021Gaping hole in hotel quarantine as dozens of workers not fully vaccinatedMartin Aldridge MLCmartin-aldridge-mlc
24 August 2021Government needs to act to reduce wait times for Child Development ServicesDonna Faragher MLCdonna-faragher-mlc
23 August 2021Federal Government’s Ag Worker visa welcomed but assurance for farmers is vitalColin de Grussa MLC, Mia Davies MLAcolin-de-grussa-mlc mia-davies-mla
19 August 2021Greater clarity on zero COVID case approach requiredDavid Honey MLAdavid-honey-mla
19 August 2021Federal Government’s ag worker quarantine investigation welcomed but must be acceleratedColin de Grussa MLCcolin-de-grussa-mlc
18 August 2021Opposition calls for West Australians to speak up in a referendum on electoral reformDavid Honey MLA, Mia Davies MLAdavid-honey-mla mia-davies-mla
13 August 2021Labor Government Urged to Support Soldiers and Sirens to assist Police, other First Responders and VeteransPeter Collier MLCpeter-collier-mlc
13 August 2021Regional electricity customers being disconnected at the rate of one nearly every hourDavid Honey MLAdavid-honey-mla
12 August 2021Opposition calls on Labor to fast-track ag workers into the StateColin de Grussa MLC, Mia Davies MLAcolin-de-grussa-mlc mia-davies-mla
12 August 2021Miserly Minister can’t find $50k for Aboriginal housing supportMia Davies MLA, Steve Martin MLCmia-davies-mla steve-martin-mlc
10 August 2021McGowan Government misleading public about ‘massive’ patient numbersLibby Mettam MLAlibby-mettam-mla
9 August 2021New figures highlight WA Labor Governments failure to prioritise midwivesLibby Mettam MLAlibby-mettam-mla
9 August 2021Opposition welcomes WA Labor Government’s 11th hour commitment to states run-down health systemLibby Mettam MLAlibby-mettam-mla
6 August 2021WA Labor Government fails to prioritise nurse recruitment promiseLibby Mettam MLAlibby-mettam-mla
6 August 2021Bindoon Bypass confusion as Minister at odds with DepartmentShane Love MLAshane-love-mla
6 August 2021Independent G2G appeals process needed to support WA residents in limboMartin Aldridge MLCmartin-aldridge-mlc
3 August 2021Labor must stop being secretive around the SafeWA App and start reassuring West AustraliansMia Davies MLA, Vincent Catania MLAmia-davies-mla vincent-catania-mla
3 August 2021Opposition calls for vaccination opportunities at regional ag showsMia Davies MLA, Peter Rundle MLAmia-davies-mla peter-rundle-mla
3 August 2021St John’s Ambulance response times on a downward spiralLibby Mettam MLAlibby-mettam-mla
2 August 2021‘Horror story’ ambulance ramping figures failing WA patientsLibby Mettam MLAlibby-mettam-mla
30 July 2021Coal security concernDavid Honey MLAdavid-honey-mla
30 July 2021Early Learning Matters!Donna Faragher MLCdonna-faragher-mlc
30 July 2021Opposition welcomes funding package for Seroja-affected communitiesMartin Aldridge MLC, Mia Davies MLA, Shane Love MLA, Vincent Catania MLAmartin-aldridge-mlc mia-davies-mla shane-love-mla vincent-catania-mla
29 July 2021Upcoming State Budget must provide helping hand to businesses suffering from lockdownsMia Davies MLA, Steve Thomas MLCmia-davies-mla steve-thomas-mlc
27 July 2021Staff safety compromised yet again after third COVID-19 PPE breachLibby Mettam MLAlibby-mettam-mla
26 July 2021Cyclone-affected communities need extra financial help more than 100 days since Seroja hitMartin Aldridge MLC, Shane Love MLA, Vincent Catania MLAmartin-aldridge-mlc shane-love-mla vincent-catania-mla
26 July 2021Opposition: Concerning rise in teenagers’ mental wellbeing must be immediately addressedLibby Mettam MLA, Peter Rundle MLAlibby-mettam-mla peter-rundle-mla
26 July 2021Labor’s Outer Harbour plans at odds with expert report into WA’s infrastructure projectsShane Love MLAshane-love-mla
22 July 2021The McGowan Government’s do-nothing road map ignores health crisisLibby Mettam MLAlibby-mettam-mla
22 July 2021Western Australia Infrastructure plan needs to be independent!Steve Thomas MLC, Uncategorizedsteve-thomas-mlc uncategorized
21 July 2021Small businesses unable to access lockdown support under tough grant criteriaSteve Thomas MLC, Vincent Catania MLAsteve-thomas-mlc vincent-catania-mla
21 July 2021Premier picks up the thread but delivery yet to be seenSteve Thomas MLCsteve-thomas-mlc
15 July 2021Opposition Leader meets with West Australian Youth Parliament for 2021Mia Davies MLAmia-davies-mla
13 July 2021Opposition calls for Government apology for more than 1000 law breachesMia Davies MLA, Nick Goiran MLCmia-davies-mla nick-goiran-mlc
9 July 2021Latest housing figures released today by Domain highlight the enormous pressure skyrocketing rents are having on struggling Western AustraliansSteve Martin MLCsteve-martin-mlc
8 July 2021Geraldton Hospital protocol breach leaves many unanswered questionsMartin Aldridge MLCmartin-aldridge-mlc
7 July 2021Wait times too long for critical child health servicesDonna Faragher MLCdonna-faragher-mlc
1 July 2021Lockdown compensation must be provided to struggling regional businessesMia Davies MLA, Steve Thomas MLCmia-davies-mla steve-thomas-mlc
1 July 2021Regional access to Voluntary Assisted Dying fails to launchMartin Aldridge MLCmartin-aldridge-mlc
30 June 2021Audit Report identifies failure to procure adequate changeSteve Thomas MLCsteve-thomas-mlc
29 June 2021Lockdown compensation needs to be faster and fairerSteve Thomas MLCsteve-thomas-mlc
25 June 2021Opposition says power station sale needs scrutinyDavid Honey MLA, Mia Davies MLAdavid-honey-mla mia-davies-mla
24 June 2021Premier’s ‘captain pick’ taints independence of CCC CommissionerDavid Honey MLA, Mia Davies MLA, Nick Goiran MLCdavid-honey-mla mia-davies-mla nick-goiran-mlc
24 June 2021Chronic underfunding of mental health system failing our kids and teenagersLibby Mettam MLAlibby-mettam-mla
23 June 2021Opposition calls for further consultation prior to South Coast Bioregion Management Plan implementationColin de Grussa MLCcolin-de-grussa-mlc
18 June 2021Labor Government sells off over 1,300 public housesSteve Martin MLCsteve-martin-mlc
18 June 2021Minister struggling with Housing portfolioSteve Martin MLCsteve-martin-mlc
17 June 2021McGowan Government incompetence to blame for extended elective surgery delaysLibby Mettam MLAlibby-mettam-mla
16 June 2021Sleeping rough a reality in Mark McGowan’s WAMia Davies MLA, Shane Love MLA, Steve Martin MLCmia-davies-mla shane-love-mla steve-martin-mlc
15 June 2021SafeWA app breach of trust will undermine public confidenceMia Davies MLAmia-davies-mla
12 June 2021Staff burnout and patient safety fears raised with Fiona Stanley Hospital management in MarchLibby Mettam MLAlibby-mettam-mla
11 June 2021Time to boost funds for regional women’s health servicesMia Davies MLAmia-davies-mla
8 June 2021Vaccination rollout welcomed but support needed for regions, vulnerableLibby Mettam MLA, Mia Davies MLAlibby-mettam-mla mia-davies-mla
8 June 2021Labor urged to find shutdown alternatives as traffic chaos predictedShane Love MLAshane-love-mla
5 June 20212021 Western Australian of the Year Awards showcased true spirit of WAMia Davies MLAmia-davies-mla
4 June 2021McGowan Labor Government shamed into reversing $10 million cuts to St John of God Midland HospitalDonna Faragher MLC, Libby Mettam MLAdonna-faragher-mlc libby-mettam-mla
4 June 2021Attorney General missing in action on elder abuse for 1500 days and countingNick Goiran MLCnick-goiran-mlc
4 June 2021Minister can stop ‘wild cat’ power strikeDavid Honey MLAdavid-honey-mla
3 June 2021Magistrate’s Court flooded with evictions as Labor ignores housing crisisMia Davies MLA, Steve Martin MLCmia-davies-mla steve-martin-mlc
3 June 2021Minister unaware of risk to Pindan Project Bank AccountsVincent Catania MLAvincent-catania-mla
2 June 2021Email proves Department received Pindan warningVincent Catania MLAvincent-catania-mla
2 June 2021Health Minister must clarify role of Quarantine Advisory Panel as new case emergesLibby Mettam MLA, Mia Davies MLAlibby-mettam-mla mia-davies-mla
31 May 2021No dividend for WA as Labor Government sits on massive surplusMia Davies MLA, Steve Thomas MLCmia-davies-mla steve-thomas-mlc
27 May 2021National Reconciliation Week, a time to reflect and actVincent Catania MLAvincent-catania-mla
27 May 2021Labor finally acts to establish Quarantine Advisory PanelLibby Mettam MLA, Mia Davies MLAlibby-mettam-mla mia-davies-mla
26 May 2021Embattled Health Minister unable to answer Opposition questionsMia Davies MLAmia-davies-mla
25 May 2021Subcontractor legislation too little too lateVincent Catania MLAvincent-catania-mla
25 May 2021Frustration and distress as nurses and doctors rally for health crisisLibby Mettam MLA, Mia Davies MLAlibby-mettam-mla mia-davies-mla
20 May 2021Liberal Leader calls on Bill Johnston to prevent power disruptionsDavid Honey MLAdavid-honey-mla
19 May 2021Premier McGowan urged to make Minister Carey purely responsible for WA housing crisisSteve Martin MLCsteve-martin-mlc
19 May 2021PCH emergency department short-staffed as Minister launches PR blitzLibby Mettam MLA, Mia Davies MLAlibby-mettam-mla mia-davies-mla
19 May 2021Opposition calls for greater protection for subcontractorsVincent Catania MLAvincent-catania-mla
18 May 2021Teflon Minister continues to deflect blame for health failuresLibby Mettam MLAlibby-mettam-mla
18 May 2021Madeleine King rewriting history on Kwinana refinery closureDavid Honey MLAdavid-honey-mla
17 May 2021Land release for houses declines while demand soarsSteve Thomas MLCsteve-thomas-mlc
14 May 2021Labor confirms plans to diminish regional representationMartin Aldridge MLC, Mia Davies MLAmartin-aldridge-mlc mia-davies-mla
14 May 2021Premier must allow unprecedented Supreme Court case to proceed to completionDavid Honey MLAdavid-honey-mla
13 May 2021Government must act on $100 million waste levy avoidance scandalTjorn Sibma MLCtjorn-sibma-mlc
12 May 2021Independent inquiry a necessary step forwardLibby Mettam MLAlibby-mettam-mla
12 May 2021Labor moves to implement one of the greatest acts of planning vandalism in the history of Western AustraliaNeil Thomson MLCneil-thomson-mlc
11 May 2021Labor must provide detail on quarantine workers holding second jobsMia Davies MLAmia-davies-mla
10 May 2021Northampton bypass an immediate priority: LoveShane Love MLAshane-love-mla
9 May 2021Statewide campaign launched in Broome to oppose Labor’s scandalous plan to cut regional political representationDavid Honey MLA, Neil Thomson MLCdavid-honey-mla neil-thomson-mlc
7 May 2021Appreciation for emergency response acknowledged in Upper HouseMartin Aldridge MLC, Steve Thomas MLCmartin-aldridge-mlc steve-thomas-mlc
5 May 2021Regional small businesses not eligible for Covid grants: PremierMia Davies MLA, Steve Thomas MLCmia-davies-mla steve-thomas-mlc
5 May 2021Questions expose damning evidence of McGowan Government’s ongoing failure to protect victimsNick Goiran MLCnick-goiran-mlc
5 May 2021Perth house rents increasing at 13 times the rate of inflationSteve Martin MLCsteve-martin-mlc
5 May 2021Electoral reform agenda shows Labor priorities out of orderMia Davies MLAmia-davies-mla
4 May 2021McGowan Government digs heels in on unfair maternity ward restrictionsLibby Mettam MLA, Mia Davies MLAlibby-mettam-mla mia-davies-mla
3 May 2021When will the McGowan government wake up to escalating ambulance ramping?Libby Mettam MLAlibby-mettam-mla
1 May 2021McGowan Government must commit to inquiry into tragic 2 hour PCH waitLibby Mettam MLAlibby-mettam-mla
30 April 2021McGowan Government flexing its muscles to ram through one-vote-one-valueMia Davies MLAmia-davies-mla
29 April 2021Labor must accept responsibility for lockdown painDavid Honey MLA, Mia Davies MLAdavid-honey-mla mia-davies-mla
27 April 2021Hotel risk report shows Government ignoring expert adviceLibby Mettam MLA, Mia Davies MLAlibby-mettam-mla mia-davies-mla
27 April 2021What happened to ‘we’re all in this together’?Libby Mettam MLA, Mia Davies MLAlibby-mettam-mla mia-davies-mla
24 April 2021Labor Government’s mismanaged snap-lockdown causing confusion to West AustraliansLibby Mettam MLA, Mia Davies MLAlibby-mettam-mla mia-davies-mla
23 April 2021Snap lockdown a result of Labor Government’s failuresLibby Mettam MLA, Mia Davies MLAlibby-mettam-mla mia-davies-mla
22 April 2021Imperfect quarantine system leaves Aussies strandedLibby Mettam MLA, Mia Davies MLAlibby-mettam-mla mia-davies-mla
20 April 2021Anzac inconsistencies causing confusion: OppositionColin de Grussa MLC, Libby Mettam MLAcolin-de-grussa-mlc libby-mettam-mla
19 April 2021Opposition Alliance Agreement finalisedDavid Honey MLA, Mia Davies MLAdavid-honey-mla mia-davies-mla